10mg aims to create a home for short, weird, experimental video games.

Arcade, Puzzle
audio by Bibiki
Play a series of tiny games based on well-known classics, each with a unique twist and connected to each other.
Adventure, Exploration, Puzzle
You are a kitten in the world, will you enter the doors and find various items?
Action, mini dungeon rpg
A dungeon crawl in glorious 160x144 resolution. Fight unforgiving battles in tight corridors. Use powerful, limited magic to overcome the odds.
Narrative, Interactive Fiction
The memory of a medical emergency crafted into an Interactive Fiction. How will you act when someone you love is in the middle of a medical emergency and all you can do is wait?
Visual Novel, Co-op
A co-op visual novel simulating the breakdown of a marriage during lockdown.
Exploration, Stealth, Metroidvania
art by Jok
A short Snakevania about encarnating a formless critter delving into the bowels of a bleak complex.
Story, Psychological Horror
Being chased and watched.. what is going on?
Adventure, Platformer, Story
A 10 minute long game about going away.
Horror, Interactive Fiction
A short work of interactive horror fiction, about bright minds, and the end of all things.
Horror, Comedy, Interactive Fiction
A campfire horror story interrupted by your girlfriends.